Elementary OS 6.0 Beta: Leagues Ahead

Pantheon Desktop: Elegantly minimal.

Here we are. The time has finally come, and the beta for Elementary OS 6.0, codenamed Odin, is finally here. The long awaited release brings some welcome changes, such as a new base (Ubuntu 20.04 LTS) and a new stylesheet, featuring an official system-wide dark mode. Let’s dive in to some of the new features.

The new stylesheet. now in Dark mode.

One of the biggest visual changes is the refreshed stylesheet, dropping the skeuomorphic approach in a lot of key areas in favor of a cleaner, more streamlined design. Elements look flatter, with enough depth in a few focus areas that really help the design to pop. Another monumental change is the new dark mode and accent colors system. System settings now features a pane in Desktop with new appearance options, which are a welcome change and go a long way to make the desktop a unique experience for every user. Another interesting feature added in the latest update is the option to automatically change the accent color based on the user wallpaper.

The new Appearance settings.

Another welcome feature is the revamped System section of Settinat elementary.io.gs. Gone is the one page basic “About System”, and it’s been replaced by three incredibly useful pages; OS, Hardware, and Firmware.

The latest update offers an upgrade to a rock solid Ubuntu 20.04 base, offering more up to date packages and software than Hera. Flatpak support is still here and thriving, with many of the system apps in the process of transitioning to a Flatpak release. Apps are quick, and operating is seamless even on older hardware. It is worth noting that AppCenter apps were omitted from this release, although many of them are available as Flatpaks.

In a market dominated by enticing Desktop Environments and features, Elementary manages to stand out by offering a clean and minimal experience, built for both new users and power users alike. The beta is available for download now, along with the latest version of Hera, at the elementary website (https://elementary.io/). The team is working hard towards the full release, and if it’s anything like the beta, it will be well worth the wait.




Open Source enthusiast who sometimes tries a little too hard to be funny.

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Chris Lovins

Chris Lovins

Open Source enthusiast who sometimes tries a little too hard to be funny.

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